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Crafty Beggars In The House Series 4.

Monday 19th June at 6pm on Community Channel, it’s back. Crafty Beggars In The House! Join Wendy and Julie for a great new series. All the usual features as well as another appearance from me as a cocktail queen! Really, putting Bev in the cocktail spot was bound to cause a hoo harr! Not one to disappoint, poor Anneka left a bit lighter on the old booze as I discretely pushed her elbow every time she poured it for the cocktails. Well, you want to be able to taste it dontcha! (Dontcha, I sound like a PussyCat Doll). Well I won’t give anymore away! Tune in or set your Sky planner, other planners are available. Here’s a look behind the scenes of Series 4. Enjoy. X

Click here for behind the scenes of Series 4 , BBC iPlayer, TVGuide and TVPlayer. You can also watch us on this website in our On Demand pages, and on our YouTube channel CommunityChannelTV.

It’s A Wrap! Had a great weekend 8th/9th April with the Crafty Beggars, Wendy and Julie. We were filming series 4 of Crafty Beggars In The House, what a day it was. Cocktails were involved, by the end of the shoot we were a ikkle squiffy.

The location was a lovely setting in Surrey, the sun shone down and the laughter flowed. Series 4 will be broadcast in June, look out for the transmission date. Lazy Loafer made a come back by popular demand along with a couple of other tips. Cocktails were provided by Anneka Svenska. Here’s a couple of shots of us on location.

Extra Extra. Spent the weekend filming my part in the sitcom Extra Extra with David Catterall, Michael James and Claire Bryan. I play myself who’s a reality TV star after appearing in fictional reality show ‘Celebrity Streetwalker’. Will keep you posted on transmission dates. Here’s me with the cast.

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Del Steals Bev’s Thunder:

Del lands a part in new musical in Liverpool theatre.

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Bev Nominated For Award:

Bev is nominated for an award at the Liverpool Lifestyle Awards. Best Social Media Personality is the category Bev is nominated for.

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More News On Crafty Beggars And A Chat Show:

Bev heads back to film Christmas Specials after filming series 3 of Crafty Beggars In The House. Then announces that she’s filming a pilot for a chat show.

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Bev Hits The Headlines –

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Bev On The Box! June 2016

crafty beggars 1

Hiya, get ready to set yer VHS video recorders. Bev is going to be coming to you on the telly! Bev has teamed up with TV’s Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner Webster, with a feature built into all five episodes of the next series of Crafty Beggars In The House. Bev’s Alternative Comedy Craft Tips will be airing in the autumn. I’ll keep you posted on a date! Check out –

You can follow Julie on Twitter @JuliePeasgood and Wendy @turnerwebster go and say hi.


May 2016

Hiya, hope yerz all well. Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy here. Wirral Radio Breakfast Show going well as is me Satdee night show ‘Bev’s Big Night Out’ Remember to choon in it’s 92.1FM DAB Free App or online –